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Sikander Farhan Abbasi

It was a good course for me, I’ve learnt a lot. The best thing about the course was the teacher. But on the other hand the time span is too short for this course. It was like a crash course. Duration of the course should be increased.
Overall a good effort.

Sikander Farhan Abbasi

Aamir Ali

This Language Course is very useful for me, now I can easily converse with Chinese on different projects.

Aamir Ali,
Manager Procurement/Equipment

Fezan Pirzada

This course helped me in learning the basics of Chinese language and Understanding. Teacher and Learning material was good. Course timing and schedule can be improved. PCI is a professional platform and I am happy to deal with them. Thank you very much for providing us this learning opportunity.

Fezan Pirzada,

Rina Naz

The Course was outstanding and the teacher has been very helpful throughout the course. The organizers also did their job very well.

Rina Naz,
Chief Coordinator
Pak Gulf Construction (Pvt) Ltd

Ijlal Haider

Pakistan China Institute taught me how to accomplish wonders in a given time frame. It challenged my abilities and motivated me to reach the higher sky every day. The internship gave me great insights on how to coordinate project plans, scheduling and documentation for small but high profile projects, and it should be praised for creating a sense of initiative and problem-solving abilities within its employees. The institute enables the person to use different perspectives when coordinating research and handling the streamlined proposal developments in various tasks assigned. It is without doubt that the team at PCI provides an advanced admininistrative support entitling planned and assembled materials for high-profile meetings. I wish the PCI family great luck for its future endeavors.

Ijlal Haider


Sualehah Abad

Interning at Pakistan-China institute was a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Getting the chance to attend events, multilateral talks and seeing well-known speakers in a stimulating environment was a privilege. The internship has also given me valuable work experience whilst complementing my academic interests regarding International affairs especially with regard to CPEC. Interns at PCI are trusted as valuable members of the team, and they occupy an important role which goes beyond merely carrying out administrative tasks. I am very grateful to have had this learning opportunity and I firmly believe that the experience I have gained at PCI will continue to help me for years to come.

Sualehah Abad 
Bahria University, Islamabad 

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